Scudding leather

This photograph was taken in 1954 when hides were still hand-scudded. After hair and flesh were removed chemically and mechanically, scudding removed fine hair roots to produce leather of even grain and depth. [Artistically, it is interesting to compare this image to the same subject in aa-008--both by Ansel Adams.]

Source of information: Jeremy Lezin

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Creator: Adams, Ansel
Date: 1954
  • Santa Cruz (City)
  • 1950s
Rights: This photograph was taken by Ansel Adams and is the property of the Lezin Family. It is displayed here with the permission of the Lezin Family and the Ansel Adams Trust.

Restrictions on Use
Identifier: LH-aa-019


Adams, Ansel. “Scudding leather.” 1954. SCPL Local History. Accessed 21 July 2024.