"Salomy" Starting; More Movie Men Heading This Way

All the San Lorenzo Valley, from Felton to Boulder Creek, from Boulder to Poverty Flat, and on into the Big Basin country will soon ring to the tread of horses' hoofs and much will be the activity of the large movie company here from the Lasky Studios in Hollywood to film "Salomy Jane." The large number of cowboys already in Boulder Creek will be augmented later on by more men and horses, bringing the total to practically one hundred and fifty people in the company now there.

Director George Melford, eager to "break the ice" on his new production was scheduled to "shoot" a series of night scenes Sunday evening at a location near Glen Arbor, as the initial scenes to be made for the new photoplay.

The western set at Poverty Flat will be utilized as soon as ready, in the very near future."

Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 6
Date: 1923-04-10
Coverage: 1920s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Evening News. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1923-04-10-1148



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