Spray machines at Salz Tannery

The spray machines at Salz Tannery needed to be constantly adjusted. Depending on the finish required, the spray booths deposited waxes, lacquers, oils, dyes, pigments and protein solutions on the leather. Before this, the leather was dried. After this process the leather was plated and possibly embossed with novel patterns. In the case of California Saddle Leather TM, it was glazed on the glazing jack, which imparted a brilliant, smooth shine.

Source of information: Jeremy Lezin
Creator: Adams, Ansel
Date: 1954
  • Santa Cruz (City)
  • 1950s
Rights: This photograph was taken by Ansel Adams and is the property of the Lezin Family. It is displayed here with the permission of the Lezin Family and the Ansel Adams Trust.

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Identifier: LH-aa-005


Adams, Ansel. “Spray machines at Salz Tannery.” 1954. SCPL Local History. https://history.santacruzpl.org/omeka/items/show/9952. Accessed 15 Oct. 2019.