'Noah's Ark' Co. Depart; Fox Unit Finishing New Play

Closing three days of intensive and fruitful effort the "Noah's Ark" company returned Wednesday evening to the Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood.

Director Michael Curtiz, known as one of the greatest of European directors, in conversation with a Sentinel scribe, summed up his opinion of local settings in one word: "Marvelous!" Curtiz, a master of the art of accomplishing big things in movie production, was imported from Hungary by the Warners, especially for this super play. In "Moon of Israel," his greatest European masterpiece, recently shown in this country, Curtiz handled mobs of thousands of people in many of the scenes, making of it a stupendous and impressive spectacle.

"Noah's Ark" is expected to rise to great heights as a film sensation. Already from 500 to 5000 people per day have been engaged in certain portions of the story which takes in both ancient and modern times. Scenes will be included using sets and crowds of greater extent than ever heretofore engaged in the filming of a motion picture. In addition, it is admitted that the new sensation, the vitaphone will be employed in many important sequences of the wonder play which has been two months in production and is now only about half completed. "Noah's Ark" will be given its world premiere in September.

Secure Beautiful Scenes

Director Curtiz with his staff of able assistants secured many extremely beautiful shots at the Big Basin locations in Governor's Camp. Panchromatic motion picture film is now used extensively and with this, aided by special artificial lighting equipment, some striking results were obtained for the Biblical portions of the play.

George O'Brien, Guinn Williams and Malcolm Waite appear as the three sons of Noah, and with Dolores Costello, were the only members of the cast of characters engaged in the part filmed here.

Barney McGill and Bill Rees handled first and second camera, respectively, Elmer Fryer was in charge of the still photography. Fryer was on location here a few years ago on the Renaud Hoffman company under Henry McCarty, with Thunder, the dog star.

Bill Guthrie served the troupe as business manager.

Fox Troupers Leave

With the completion of their roles certain members of the Fox "Farmer's Daughter" company, which has been working here for three weeks, are returning home.

Thursday night Harry Dunkinson, Sam De Grasse, B. Hauser and Johnny Rand returned to Hollywood.

The company has been very active and is hopping from one location to another in rapid succession lately. A few minor retakes and special scenes were made yesterday. It appears that the job will be about done and the company ready to depart tonight or tomorrow."

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition , page 8
Date: 1928-05-26
Coverage: 1920s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1928-05-26-1214



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