Juvenile Movie Company Arrives
The Fox Film Company to Produce Babes in the Wood in Santa Cruz Redwoods

The favorite child's story, "Babes in the Woods," is to be enacted in the Santa Cruz redwoods by the famous Fox players. The William Fox Film Company of juvenile players arrived this morning at 8 o'clock in three special cars, two Pullman sleepers, the Enolwood and Lorena, and a baggage car with a number of beautiful Shetland ponies and other baggage. In the company are 16 children and 23 adults. They came direct from the Fox studios of Los Angeles and on arrival went to Casa del Rey, their headquarters during their two-weeks' stay in Santa Cruz.

This is the most celebrated company of juvenile players in the world with the leading role by Francis Carpenter with Virginia Corbin playing the opposite. These two are recognized as the most famous child actors. Raymond Lee, also recognized as a leading child actor, is also here, accompanied by his father, Franklin Lee, and his mother. The Lee lad until recently was with the Fine Arts company.

Buddie, Marie and Gertrude Messenger are also well known as juvenile actors and are here also. Jack Hall and Charles Gorman are among the leading players with the company, who are not children.

Franklin brothers are the directors, assisted by Ward Lasselle. Franklin Lee is also assisting. He was formerly with the Vitagraph company.

The beautiful children's play will have a wonderful setting as the company expects to use the Big Trees and the Big Basin as the places where the play will be put on. These children recently put on at Los Angeles "Jack, the Bean Stalk," with Francis Carpenter and Virginia Corbin as the stars. In this Raymond Lee took four parts and Buddie Messenger three parts. "Jack, the Bean Stalk," is wonderfully spectacular, but as yet has not been released.

The Fox Film Company is one of the largest in the work and last week at the Unique Dustin Farnum appeared in the great Dickens film, "Tale of Two Cities," as produced by this company."

Source: Santa Cruz Daily Surf , page 8
Date: 1917-03-26
Coverage: 1910s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Daily Surf. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1917-03-26-1064



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