$25,000 Bond Goal Set By Local JACL


A goal of $25,000 was set by the defense bonds committee of the local Japanese American Citizens League chapter as the campaign among members and Japanese families in this valley expected to get underway this week.

Albert Umino, chairman, and his precinct captains composed of Jimmy Hirokawa, Taira Fujimoto, Bill Shirachi, Min Hamada, Louie Waki, and Dr. Ito will rally every possible aid to conduct the drive successfully and to do their part in the preservation and perpetuation of liberty and the democratic way of life.

An "all-out" defense of this country was keynoted in the discussions and recommendations made at the board of governors meeting Saturday evening. As evidence of their faith in the government of the United States and their position in the world crisis, voluntary subscriptions of larger denominational bonds were purchased by parents of the JACL members. These advance subscribers will head the list of the stamps and bond purchases to be made by the members and their parents.

The board of governors announced the appointment of Yoshiye Takata as part-time secretary to manage the temporary headquarters to be maintained in the office of Dr. Frank Ito with hours being 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily during the week.

"We also serve" badges are being sold by Pearl Matsumoto and Kikuye Takata which will supplement the emergency funds and the pins may also be obtained at the office of the local headquarters.

Under the chairmanship of John Yamauchi the annual membership enrollment drive will begin and will include new members. Acting under instructions from the national headquarters the membership committee will request the presentation of birth certificates to renew and enroll the membership this year. The request concurs with the purposes of the JACL as expressed in the national slogan which reads: "For better Americans in Greater America."

Source: Watsonville Register-Pajaronian , page 1
Date: 1942-01-13
Coverage: 1940s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1942-01-13-861



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