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Fairview Brochure.pdf
Fairview Manor

Bed and Breakfast on two and one-half secluded acres by the the Santa Cruz Mountains!

Date: 1983 [?]
Type: PAM

061112_0002_3Bed and Breakfast.jpg
A bed-and-breakfast inn, the first in the San Lorenzo Valley, has opened its doors to the public.

Fairview Manor, a five-bedroom inn at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Fillmore Street in Ben Lomond, opened for business two weekends ago on the 2…

Date: 1983-05-18
Source: Valley Press

Fairview article.pdf
Unknown to perhaps most local San Lorenzo Valley locals, a European-style bed and breakfast inn is today comfortably nestled just off Highway 9 on the site of what was once the famous "turn-of-the-century" Ben Lomond Hotel.

Date: 1984-05-23

061112_0001_2Ben Lomond Light.jpg
SIXTH:-That the amount of the Capital Stock of said Corporation is TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, and the number of shares into which it is divided, is TWO THOUSAND of the par value of ONE DOLLAR each.


Date: 1900-11-01

041712_0001_1 Forest Pool.jpg
The search is on for someone willing to dive into the historic Forest Pools.

Date: 1986-05-21
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

042612_0002_1 Evans Rest resort.jpg
Shown on a postcard dated March 24, 1947 is this wooded trail leading to the old Evans Rest resort at Boulder Creek.

Date: 1947-03-24
Type: NEWS

042612_0003_1 First Elect Illum.jpg
Our people were surprised and delighted Thursday evening some time after dark when...the town was...illuminated by the unexpected turning on of the electric current from the new Eimer electric works.

Date: 1903-02-21
Source: Mountain Echo
Type: NEWS

042612_0004_1 Dougherty School district.jpg
Letter in unnamed paper from James Dougherty regarding Dougherty School District.

Date: 1893-11-18
Type: NEWS

042612_0004_2 Dougherty Teachers.jpg
Names of teachers at Dougherty School from 1889 to 1915.

Date: Undated
Type: NOTE

061112_0001_1Electricity on Tap.jpg
...It was not until late last week that Mr. H.F. Anderson, while in Santa Cruz, learned that the Big Creek [Power Co.] did not do a retail lighting business at all, and would not offer the electric fluid to his charming little town excepting on a…

Date: 1900-05-05
Source: Mountain Echo [?]
Type: NEWS

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