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"I may be wrong, but I hope I'm right, as it looks like the butter worker I saw years ago."

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

Brief history of the dairy industry around Knoxville, Tennessee; from the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Date: 1979-10-07
Type: NEWS

042912_0001_1 Sunnyside school teachers.jpg
Names of teachers at Sunnyside School from 1890 to 1899.

Date: Undated
Type: NOTE

042912_0002_1 go forward or back.jpg
The latest move of the four or five Boulder Creek saloon keepers who are fighting against the increase in the liquor license, is another disincorporation petition...

Date: 1906-12-31
Source: Mountain Echo
Type: NEWS

050112_0002_1 nine piece band.jpg
History of the Ben Lomond brass band.

Date: [?]-11-23
Type: NEWS

050212_0002_1 Jones House.jpg
Even though the photo was taken in 1902, this house in Ben Lomond is still standing.

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

050212_0001_1 Loganberry.jpg
Brief history of John [sic] H. Logan and the Loganberry; from Historic Spots in California by Hoover, p. 360.

Date: Undated

050612_0001_1 Helen Nerney 90th bday.jpg
A surprise party and family reunion honored Mrs. James Nerney of Ben Lomond on her 90th birthday.

Date: 1975
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

050612_0002_1 Ben Lomond Notes.jpg
Miscellaneous happenings in Ben Lomond, March 1896.

Date: 1896-03-30
Source: Penny Press
Type: NEWS

051012_0001_2 new road.jpg
Construction crews are working to build an access road to the Olympia quarry from Mount Hermon Road.

Date: 1984-02-15
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

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