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Fairview Brochure.pdf
Fairview Manor

Bed and Breakfast on two and one-half secluded acres by the the Santa Cruz Mountains!

Date: 1983 [?]
Type: PAM

061112_0002_3Bed and Breakfast.jpg
A bed-and-breakfast inn, the first in the San Lorenzo Valley, has opened its doors to the public.

Fairview Manor, a five-bedroom inn at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Fillmore Street in Ben Lomond, opened for business two weekends ago on the 2…

Date: 1983-05-18
Source: Valley Press

Fairview article.pdf
Unknown to perhaps most local San Lorenzo Valley locals, a European-style bed and breakfast inn is today comfortably nestled just off Highway 9 on the site of what was once the famous "turn-of-the-century" Ben Lomond Hotel.

Date: 1984-05-23

042612_0002_1 Evans Rest resort.jpg
Shown on a postcard dated March 24, 1947 is this wooded trail leading to the old Evans Rest resort at Boulder Creek.

Date: 1947-03-24
Type: NEWS

051212_0004_1 brookdale hotel improvements.jpg
...the Santa Cruz Emporium Co., which recently acquired the store, hotel and other property at Brookdale, is soon to begin some expensive and extensive improvements.

Date: 1911-03-11
Source: Mountain Echo
Type: NOTE

051512_0003_1Felton before WWI.jpg
This is a scene of Felton prior to 1908 showing the old Grand Central hotel...

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

051512_0003_2 Cramer House.jpg
The Cramer House hotel in Felton was built and operated by the Cramer brothers until they sold it to W. W. Hendrick in July 1898.

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

051512_0003_4 Felton grand central hotel.jpg
The Grand Central Hotel was located at the corner of Highway 9 and Felton Empire Road...

Date: 1908-05-09
Type: NEWS

051512_0003_3 former hotel.jpg
This building in Felton was first used as a hotel.

Date: Undated
Source: Valley Press [?]
Type: NEWS

051512_0003_5 Cramer House in Felton.jpg
Felton's Cramer House, a boarding house for loggers and teamsters believed built in 1858, housed a bee farm around the turn of the century...

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

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