Big Basin Being Used As Location For FBO Picture

Director Wallace Fox took his F.B.O. Cinema Company to the Big Basin today for the filming of important scenes in "The Amazing Vagabond," in which Bob Steele is being starred.

It is expected that the major part of the day will be spent filming among the redwoods. Historic trees in the Basin will have their pictures taken along with Steele, Thelma Daniels, his leading woman, and other members of the cast. In addition, structures surrounding the warden's administration building will also be utilized for scenes in the picture.

The continuity of the FBO feature calls for many beautiful effects among the redwoods. Virgil Miller, chief cinematographer, hoped to find atmospheric conditions perfect today so that he could obtain maximum photographic results. Completion of scenes at the Glenwood location was accomplished yesterday.

The FBO unit has been in Santa Cruz since Wednesday. The outfit journeyed here from Hollywood to use the Santa Cruz country as the locale for the production."

Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 7
Date: 1928-09-29
Coverage: 1920s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Evening News. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1928-09-29-1207



“Big Basin Being Used As Location For FBO Picture.” Santa Cruz Evening News , page 7. 1928-09-29. SCPL Local History. Accessed 3 Oct. 2022.