Shoot Scenes At Glenwood Today

Railway tracks leading to the station at Glenwood will be used as a motion picture "location" today by the personnel of the FBO studios company which is making its headquarters in Santa Cruz for the filming of the production, "The Amazing Vagabond," which, starring Bob Steele, is being directed by Wallace Fox.

Following the completion of the photographing of the sequences at Glenwood, the company is scheduled to shoot among the big trees in the California State Redwood Park in Big Basin. The action of the feature which stars Steele is laid in the north woods lumbering country, and it is for the purpose of getting proper atmosphere for a timber background that the FBO studios detailed the expedition to Santa Cruz.

According to the present schedule, the scenes in the Big Basin will not be filmed until Friday. Other episodes in the story of "The Amazing Vagabond" will keep the FBO unit in Santa Cruz until the beginning of the week.

In addition to Steele, his supporting cast includes Tom Lingham, Thelma Daniels, Lafe McKee, Jay Morley and J. Gordon Carveth. The staff of the FBO expedition, which is quartered at the St. George Hotel, numbers Jack Sullivan, assistant director; Virgil Miller, chief cinematographer; Alice Patrick, script clerk; and T. E. Miller, Jack Stewart, George Kelly, Bert Lynch, Perry Murdock, Claude Camp, O. F. Malley, R. Wildman and Sam Ruman.

Assignment of the FBO company to the Santa Cruz region followed an extensive location hunting trip on the part of Wallace Fox, the director, and Virgil Miller, the chief cinematographer, who arrived in the city preceding the coming of the other members of the unit."

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition , page 5
Date: 1928-09-27
Coverage: 1920s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1928-09-27-1205



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