Cornell's Final Comment On Evacuees

To the Editor:

Attention: Aiko Masada;

Referring to your recent letter addressed to the writer you scornfully quoted "dusty Arizona" and "muddy Arkansas" as two of the barbed-wire relocation centers your people were forced to accept. These two terms could well have been eliminated; instead of adversely criticising our government you should have been grateful for the full security afforded you while in those areas.

If it had not been for the great protecting arm of our democracy that removed you and others of your race in the spring of '42 and safely housed, fattened and clothed you after the FBI had unearthed so many hidden firearms, shortwave sets, etc., in your homes - the Lord only knows what might have been your lot.

Regardless of the many instances of proven sabotage your people were never subjected to a Bataan death march, or starved, beaten or killed in a lousy prison camp as many thousands of Uncle Sam's real patriots were.

Your ingratitude prompts a keen plea for you to seek other realms for your future homes. This is not the conviction of a "bigot" but the unified expression of a large majority of Pajaro valley's citizenry as expressed by the recent chamber of commerce survey; contrary to the attitudes of our people, each week results in a greater influx of "returnees."

This is my final comment regardless of any further endearing salutations of flowery meaningless words - which, after all is but a characteristic trait of the Japanese race as previously proved by the Washington delegation and the Pearl Harbor episode.

"Oh, I so sorry! - s'cuse please;" but you asked for it.

G. W. Cornell"

Creator: G. W. Cornell
Source: Watsonville Register-Pajaronian , page 8
Date: 1945-10-04
Coverage: 1940s
Rights: Copyrighted by the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian. Reproduced by permission.
Identifier: LN-1945-10-04-1040



Cornell, G. W. “Cornell's Final Comment On Evacuees[Editorial].” Watsonville Register-Pajaronian , page 8. 1945-10-04. SCPL Local History. Accessed 23 July 2024.