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CF-20181207-Watsonville church celebrates 130 year0001.PDF
All Saints Episcopal Church in Watsonville

Date: 2013-11-02
Source: Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

CF-20181207-Progressive missionary baptist church 0001.PDF

Date: 2012-11-18
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20181207-Our Lady of Mt. Carmel0001.PDF
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Date: 2009-01-21
Source: Mid-County Post
Type: NEWS

CF-20181104-Old rectory being torn down0001.PDF
Holy Cross Rectory, picture

Date: 1954-08-16
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20180317-Two events at Capitola Church0001.PDF
St. John the Baptist, Episcopal church

Date: 1979-06-22
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

Felton Library, Faye Belardi Memorial Building (formerly Presbyterian Church)picture

Date: 2000-11-01
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

CF-20181104-Local adventists explain Sunday law op0001.PDF

Date: 1963-05-08
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20181130-Watsonville church to celebrate 150 ye0001.PDF
First United Methodist Church, picture

Date: 2002-08-10
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20181129-Soquel congregation is building itself0001.PDF
Soquel Assembly of God

Date: 1970-06-11
Source: Cabrillo Times and Green Sheet
Type: NEWS

CF-20181107-Soquel church 96th birthday0001.PDF
Soquel Congregational church

Date: 1964-05-13
Source: Central County News
Type: NEWS

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