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20170510-New name, director for0001.PDF
Celia Organista

Date: 1991-02-04
Source: Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

20170519-Teacher's seen college grow up0001.PDF
Staley, Elsie

Date: 1991-04-12
Source: Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

20170404-Ms. Eliza0001.PDF
Eliza Farnham, photocopy-no further info.

Date: 0000-00-00
Type: NEWS

20170520-Aptos woman greets returning0001.PDF
Emma Stephens-Bell

Date: 1991-03-07
Source: Watsonville Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

20170317-Esther Abbott0002.PDF
Esther Henderson Abbott

Date: 2008-09-25
Source: Good Times
Type: NEWS

20170412-Cosmic Lady leaves Santa Cruz0001.PDF
Jan Kramer

Date: 1978-05-11
Source: City on a Hill Press
Type: NEWS

20170520-Bittersweet reunion for Aptos0001.PDF
Emma Stephens-Bell. Photocopy

Date: 1991-03-08
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

20170401-Junior high principal0001.PDF
Wayne Fontes

Date: 1979-06-16
Source: Green Sheet
Type: NEWS

20170518-New Years resolution-Reitire0001.PDF
Seely Sumph, Director of the Watsonville Public Library

Date: 1987-12-30
Source: Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

20170407-Students learn writing is work0001.PDF
Jim Houston

Date: 1982-06-02
Source: Green Sheet
Type: NEWS

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