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Date: 2016-Fall
Source: Santa Cruz Style; v5n3, p14-17


Date: 2009-Fall
Source: Santa Cruz Magazine, v4n3, p 24-28.

Alfred Hitchcock's 30-year residency in the Santa Cruz area had an impact on his cinematic sensibilities.

Date: 2019-Summer/Fall
Source: Santa Cruz Style, v8n2 : 18-22

There is a new dog star. Ginger is his name and he has an important part in "Broken Chains," the winner of the $10,000 prize in the Chicago Daily News scenario contest, produced by the Goldwyn Pictures corporation and to be shown at the Unique…

Date: 1923-03-23
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 6
Type: NEWS

Date: 1996-

"Traced in the Sands" is the title of an interesting play that is being filmed by the Santa Cruz moving picture producing company at the beach, where the settings and the scenes are ideal because the story deals with life at the seaside. This story…

Date: 1916-06-23
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel-News , page 3
Type: NEWS
The adult actors are Beatriz Michelena and Andrew Robson. The two little girls were local children, Anne Locatelli (l.) and Shirley Cress Gleason (r.) Their mothers made new dresses for the girls to wear in the film. The director smeared mud on the…

Date: 1917

Today the Selig motion-picture players have been up on the Cowell property near the Big Trees acting out a few scenes of a drama they have in preparation for an early release. One of the Cowell ox-teams was driven across the bridge which leads from…

Date: 1911-09-29
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 5
Type: NEWS
Actors and actresses from the film, "Don't Marry" which was filmed at the Santa Cruz Golf and Country Club (Pogonip). They posed here with carrier pigeon containers from Sperry Air Service. "The members of the company sent messages via the pigeons to…

Date: 1920's or 1930's

A call has been issued by the Chamber of Commerce for every pretty girl in Santa Cruz to appear at the office of that institution tomorrow morning and volunteer her services for the great beach scene which is to be filmed by Pathe Universal,…

Date: 1924-06-06
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 3
Type: NEWS

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