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Closing three days of intensive and fruitful effort the "Noah's Ark" company returned Wednesday evening to the Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood.Director Michael Curtiz, known as one of the greatest of European directors, in conversation with a…

Date: 1928-05-26
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition , page 8
Type: NEWS
Enchanted Library, an original painting by James Carl Aschbacher, featuring the poemThe Library by Morton Marcus. The painting was created for National Library Week, 1999. As of 1999, it hangs in the Central Branch Library. The original size of the…

Date: 1999

Twenty-four members of the Edwin Carewe unit of United Artists Pictures arrived in Santa Cruz this morning at 6:45 o'clock on a special train from Los Angeles. They were stopping at the Hotel St. George and intend to stay in this city today and…

Date: 1929-01-03
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 3
Type: NEWS

Co-operating with Irving Cummings, director of the big Fox unit filming "Pigs" in this city, and Charles Woolstenhulme, assistant to Mr. Cummings, Manager Earl Amos of the New Santa Cruz Theater, has been successful in securing "The Johnstown Flood,"…

Date: 1926-04-21
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 2
Type: NEWS

All the San Lorenzo Valley, from Felton to Boulder Creek, from Boulder to Poverty Flat, and on into the Big Basin country will soon ring to the tread of horses' hoofs and much will be the activity of the large movie company here from the Lasky…

Date: 1923-04-10
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 6
Type: NEWS

On Saturday the last scenes of the "Sea Urchin," the new Santa Cruz movie players' first production, were enacted at the studio at Laveaga Park. The last scenes taken were the "Interiors" and consequently the last few days in photographing were spent…

Date: 1916-05-16
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 7
Type: NEWS

This play, produced by the Santa Cruz motion picture company, under direction of Leon D. Kent, was shown Monday afternoon at the Unique theater to invited guests and visitors.Before the reeling of the film began, Mr. Swanton explained that this was…

Date: 1916-06-13
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel-News , page 8
Type: NEWS

Entirely setting aside our proneness to praise without reason on account of local pride, we wish to stamp "The Sea Urchin," the first release of the Fer Dal company under the direction of Leon O. Kent and given its premier at the Unique theater this…

Date: 1916-05-18
Source: Santa Cruz Evening News , page 1
Type: NEWS
One of many dance concerts held at The Barn featuring performrers from the San Francisco Bay area

Date: 1967
Source: Scotts Valley Historical Society


Date: 2017-Spring
Source: Santa Cruz Style v6 n1: 41-45

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