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Waves breaking on the rock called "Maid of the Mists."

Date: Undated
A "Regal" car in a Fourth of July parade.

Date: ca. 1906
A woman follows a person in a dog costume down Pacific past a temporary pavilion in the 1989 holiday parade.

Date: 1989

CF-20190828-A plan to revive old victorian0001.PDF
Victorian house on Riverside drive

Date: 1987-02-24
Source: Watsonville Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

Date: 1898-02-19
Source: Mountain Echo 1898-02-19: page 3 column 2
Type: NEWS

Date: 1904-11-19
Source: Mountain Echo 1904-11-19: page 2 column 4
Type: NEWS

Date: 1901-03-02
Source: Mountain Echo 1901-03-02: page 5 column 3
Type: NEWS

Date: 1897-12-25
Source: Mountain Echo 1897-12-25: page 1 column 4
Type: NEWS

Date: 1904-10-29
Source: Mountain Echo 1904-10-29: page 3 column 2
Type: NEWS

Date: 1905-01-07
Source: Mountain Echo 1905-01-07: page 3 column 3
Type: NEWS

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