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060812_0003_2 Rosy Ridge 001.jpg
Hundreds of 'teen-agers continued to watch the filming of the Van Johnson starring picture "Romance of Rosy Ridge" went into its fourth week.

Date: 1946-09-20
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS


Date: Undated
Type: CARD

070612_0001_19 david how rountree ltr.jpg
Copied from original letter by David How Rountree.

Date: 1869-10-16

071612_0003_3 sarah burke and chinese.jpg
Ah Suey...engaged as a cook in sawmill above Felton.

Date: Undated
Type: NOTE

050812_0001_3Sign donors p1.jpg
List of donors transcribed by Faye Ellis.

Date: 1932-02-22
Type: NOTE

042412_0001_1 Blake wedding anniv.jpg
The Blakes of Brookdale were the honored guests on their 52nd wedding anniversary...

Date: 1954-04-15
Source: Reporter
Type: NEWS

050112_0001_6 Brookdale.jpg
Photo courtesy the Santa Cruz History Museum.

Date: Undated

070612_0001_17 elizabeth rountree obits 001.jpg
Newspaper articles transcribed by Faye Ellis.
Santa Cruz Surf, February 1, 1906 and Santa Cruz Surf, February 27, 1906 (obituary of Elizabeth Rountree).

Date: Undated
Type: NOTE

071412_0001_8 two unidentified photos of felton woodpeckers.jpg
Two photocopied photographs with no identification.

Date: Undated

062712_0002_1 Fred Hihn bio.jpg
Brief biography of Fred Hihn; from a talk given to the Santa Cruz Historical Society [?].

Date: 1985-03-13

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