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History of early wine making and the winery of Christian Horstman.

Date: 1967-10-25
Source: North County Journal
Type: NEWS

050812_0002_2History of the wine industry.jpg
The history of the wine industry in Santa Cruz County is the topic for the upcoming meeting of the Santa Cruz Historical Society.

Date: 1981

050812_0002_3Old Santa Cruz.jpg
History of the Bonny Doon area and the Ben Lomond Wine Company.

Date: 1953-11-08
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

050812_0002_4Ben Lomond changes.jpg
J.F. Coope, formerly superintendent of the Ben Lomond Vineyard Company, left yesterday...

Date: 1889-01-07
Source: Santa Cruz Surf
Type: NEWS

050812_0002_5County wine industry.jpg
The recent growth of small wineries in Santa Cruz County is merely a second life for the wine industry here...

Date: 1981-03-13
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Type: NEWS


Date: Undated
Type: CARD


Date: 2011-Fall
Source: Santa Cruz Magazine, v6n3, p42-49.

Date: 1896-07-16
Source: Santa Cruz Daily Surf 1896-07-16: page 1 column 4
Type: NEWS

Date: 1891-01-20
Source: Santa Cruz Daily Surf 1891-01-20: page 2 column 1
Type: NEWS

Date: 1891-01-29
Source: Santa Cruz Daily Surf 1891-01-29: page 3 column 3
Type: NEWS

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