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072912_0003_08 felton as ted toft remembers 001.jpg
In 1898 when Ted Toft was four years old, it took his family three days on a spring wagon to go from Monterey to their new home in Felton.

Date: 1978-07-02
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

072912_0003_06 ted toft memorium 001.jpg
...Ted Toft - a resident of these parts since 1898 - died early last Wednesday morning after a brief illness.

Date: 1979-07-25
Source: Valley Press
Type: OBIT

072912_0003_04 tofts wedding anniversary.jpg
On Sunday...the Tofts with relatives and friends gathered at "Tops in Eats," Scotts Valley, to celebrate their ruby anniversary.

Date: 1954-09-16
Type: NEWS

072912_0003_02 mae toft obit.jpg
Mrs. Mae A. Toft, Felton's first librarian and a resident here since 1899, died last week...

Date: 1977-12-21
Type: OBIT

072912_0003_01 mae toft dies.jpg
Mae A. Toft, 86, Felton's first librarian and a longtime resident of the village, died Wednesday in a local hospital.

Date: 1977-12-15
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: OBIT

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