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Date: 1992-
Source: Excerpt from: "Attachment 1: Background Report on the County's Emeline Street Complex", prepared by the County Administrative Office in Conjunction with the Health Services and Human Resources Agencies, pp. 1-6; "Appendix F of the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Santa Cruz County Health Services/Human Resources Building", 1992.


Date: 10-20-2000
Source: From: Fully Developed Context Statement for the City of Santa Cruz. Prepared for City of Santa Cruz Planning and Development Department. Prepared by Susan Lehmann, October 20, 2000. Chapter 5, Context III: Institutions in Santa Cruz County -- 1850-1950, pp. 45-47.


Date: 1966
Source: Excerpted from an unpublished paper.

Date: 1885-02-21
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel 1885-02-21: page 3 column 4
Type: NEWS

Date: 1884-04-17
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel 1884-04-17: page 2 column 3
Type: NEWS

Date: 1883-10-27
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel 1883-10-27: page 2 column 1
Type: NEWS

Date: 1857-12-19
Source: Pacific Sentinel 1857-12-19: page 3 column 1
Type: NEWS

Date: 1860-03-23
Source: Pacific Sentinel 1860-03-23: page 2 column 3
Type: NEWS

Date: 1882-04-15
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel 1882-04-15: page 2 column 5
Type: NEWS

Date: 1891-05-01
Source: Santa Cruz Daily Surf 1891-05-01: page 2 column 1
Type: NEWS

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