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Frank Zwart, Campus Architect Emeritus, University of California, Santa Cruz gives a talk on the history and planning of the UCSC campus, with brief mentions of architecture in Havana, Cuba and Vancouver, B.C.

Zwart is an alumnus of UCSC (Cowell…

Date: 05-25-2019
Source: Recorded by Mike Peck, May 25, 2019
Bethany Bible College, an Assemblies of God college.

Date: Circa 1956
Source: Scotts Valley Historical Society

Date: 1896
Source: Santa Cruz County; a faithful reproduction in print and photography of its climate, capabilities, and beauties. 1896. pp. 131-132.

Date: 1904-12-03
Source: Mountain Echo 1904-12-03: page 3 column 4
Type: NEWS

Date: 1911-09-02
Source: Mountain Echo 1911-09-02: page 3 column 2
Type: NEWS

Date: 1907-03-02
Source: Mountain Echo 1907-03-02: page 2 column 1
Type: NEWS

Date: 1903-06-06
Source: Mountain Echo 1903-06-06: page 3 column 1
Type: NEWS

Date: 1910-06-18
Source: Mountain Echo 1910-06-18: page 3 column 3
Type: NEWS

Date: 1905-12-23
Source: Mountain Echo 1905-12-23: page 3 column 2
Type: NEWS

Date: 1908-07-18
Source: Mountain Echo 1908-07-18: page 3 column 2
Type: NEWS

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