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CF-201709013-Only the images remain0001.PDF
George Lee, photographer

Date: 2002-12-08
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20181017-Climbing golden mountain0001.PDF
2 copies

Date: 1983-11-24
Source: Santa Cruz Express
Type: NEWS

Date: 1983
Source: Santa Cruz is in the Heart, by Geoffrey Dunn. Capitola Book Company, 1983.

CF-20181017-A tour through the shops of Santa Cruz0001.PDF

Date: 1995-02-07
Source: San Jose Mercury News
Type: NEWS

Date: 6/28/1994
Source: San Jose Mercury News, June 28, 1994, p. 1B.

CF-20181017-Museum unveils memorial0001.PDF
Chinese memorial gate at Evergreen Cemetery

Date: 2013-09-28
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

CF-20181017-East side, west side, all around the t0001.PDF

Date: 2002-12-11
Source: Metro Santa Cruz
Type: NEWS

CF-20181017-Young and old celebrate the Chinese ne0001.PDF
Santa Cruz Sentinel (?) January 1948?; Photo of Chin Lai, 81, and Ow Wing Hong, 4. In Santa Cruz the Chinese-American population is only about 95 as compared to about 300 50 years ago ...""

Date: 0000-00-00
Type: NEWS

CF-20181017-Pajaro's Chinatown and the games playe0001.PDF
Chinatown in Pajaro

Date: 2004-07-01
Source: Register-Pajaronian
Type: NEWS

CF-20181017-Back to Chinatown0001.PDF

Date: 2002-12-05
Source: Good Times
Type: NEWS

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