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060812_0004_6 4H Cleanup.jpg
Members of the Felton 4-H Club were hard at work when this picture was taken February 22, 1935.

Date: Undated
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_7 Drinkard a woman forester.jpg
...Drinkard is a forester based in Felton with the California Department of Forestry and her job is to help oversee timber harvesting in Santa Cruz County.

Date: 1983-08-03
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_4 Forestry gets pumber truck.jpg
County Civil Defense Director Leroy T. Vernon Saturday delivered to the California Division of Forestry at Felton a reconditioned Ward LaFrance pumper truck...

Date: 1968-05-08
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_2 Forestry Station at Felton.jpg
In 1935 the State Division of Forestry...decided to locate its county headquarters in Felton.

Date: 1950-09-22
Source: San Lorenzo Valley Sun
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_5 Moved in office dedicated later.jpg
The State Division of Forestry staff has moved into its new office building on Highway 9 South in Felton...

Date: 1968-07-03
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_3 New Forestry Offices.jpg
The new California State Division of Forestry office at Felton will be on display this Saturday...

Date: 1968-10-09
Source: Valley Press
Type: NEWS

060812_0004_1 Rural Fire Fighting Center.jpg
This recently remodeled building at Felton is the headquarters in this county of the state division of forestry.

Date: 1949-09-30
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Type: NEWS

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